For the Love of Pattern

For the Love of Pattern is a design studio focused on surface design. It is owned and operated by Abby Leigh Ecker. Abby grew up in Chicagoland and as a child was always immersed in bold vibrant textiles. She cultivated the art of sewing at a very early age and always collected her experiences on the pages of her sketchbook everywhere she went. These early influences gave her a foundation to build upon and are the reason she pursued a graduate degree in Fibers from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon arrival, Savannah captured her heart immediately and although she tried to move away after graduating from SCAD, she ultimately couldn’t resist making the hostess city her home base.

Abby discovered a love for traditional textile techniques juxtaposed with conceptual storytelling through her studio practice while in graduate school. Stories connect people, introduce new ideas, and are the building blocks of imagination. Now, as a part-time professor in the fibers department at SCAD, she encourages her students to create their own stories and question why they are choosing specific techniques, processes, and design decisions.

When she's not in her studio or teaching, she is on to the next adventure exploring the east coast with her husband and daughter. Savannah’s decorative ironwork and historic atmosphere, as well as, the southern charm of Beaufort, St. Simons Island, and Charleston always captivate her. You may see her strolling around Forsyth Park with her family and two pups, Coco poodle and Patrick Henry hound or photographing the city that she now calls home.

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For the Love of Pattern Handmade in Savannah, GA @loveofpattern #loveofpattern #handmade #savannah
Abby Leigh Johnson of For the Love of Pattern #loveofpattern
Abby Leigh Johnson of For the Love of Pattern #loveofpattern