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Featured: Scribble Art Studio

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Today I want to introduce Scribble Art Studio. It's a studio for kids and adults. I think it's the all time best place for kids to build their creativity. It's such a wonderful business for the Savannah community to have. They have adult painting parties, mini art parties, summer camp for kids, they are starting a kids club, have after school programs, and many more exciting things to announce soon! All of the artists that teach classes and are involved with Scribble are extremely talented, knowledgeable, friendly, and best of all know how to work with children so that they learn and also have a fun experience.

I love this adorable Fairy House Kit that Scribble Art Studio offers! What a great idea to either spend a creative afternoon with your child or drop them off for quality art time while you run a few errands. They also have Car Kits, Embroidery Kits, Clay Kits, and Painting Kits available for kids! All you have to do is call to ask about the available kits and reserve one for your child. They always have new and exciting classes and events happening so be sure to join their mailing list and check out their website to keep updated. I love that you get a free coloring book page in their mailing list, seriously that is the best!

Scribble Art Studio, Fairy House Kit, Savannah GA #loveofpattern

For the Love of Pattern's Children's Aprons are also available for sale at Scribble. These are great art smocks for your child during art classes, they have adjustable ties, and two pockets for storage. More patterns and adult sizes are available in my Etsy Store too!

Scribble Art Studio has two locations: 212 E. 37th St. Savannah, GA 31401 & 115 Canal St. Pooler, GA 31322 - 912.713.7376

Enjoy & Happy Monday!

Featured: Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar

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Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar

I'm so excited to share that a selection of For the Love of Pattern products are now available in one of my favorite stores in Savannah, Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar! One of the things I love about Lily Bay is that it's a store that supports handmade finely crafted items. Everything is unique, handmade, and beautiful. It's my favorite spot to shop for one of a kind gifts, especially for kids. I just love how the store is curated with handmade and vintage items, while also offering workshops.

Above you can see some of For the Love of Pattern Children's Aprons, Lavender Eye Pillows, Coin Purses, and Heart Ornaments that are available at Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar in Savannah, GA. 

Just a few pretty things I couldn't leave behind while shopping at Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar. Scotch & Mahogany Soy Candle by  Julie Kay Design Studio ; Friends for Life Paperweight by  Sugarboo Designs ; Weekly Desk Pad by  Rifle Paper Co ; and a beautiful Poppy Art Print. 

Just a few pretty things I couldn't leave behind while shopping at Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar. Scotch & Mahogany Soy Candle by Julie Kay Design Studio; Friends for Life Paperweight by Sugarboo Designs; Weekly Desk Pad by Rifle Paper Co; and a beautiful Poppy Art Print. 

It's such an honor to have some of my products alongside so many other amazing artists and artisans work and just all around beautiful items. If you're local I'm sure this is already one of your favorite places to shop and if you're planning to visit Savannah make sure to check out this lovely store. Lily Bay Studio + Bazaar is located at 412 C. Whitaker Street in Savannah, GA 31401 - 912.777.7621.

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

Children's Aprons

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I've been busy working in my studio and quiet on some of my social media accounts lately but I'm back now and ready to blog! I have so many fun new things I'm super excited to share about. Today I want to talk about my Children's Aprons! Art smock, play apron, tool duds, whatever you choose to call them, they are adorable! These are durable vibrant aprons for children to wear while playing, helping a parent in the kitchen, during an art session, or just for fun. They have ties at the neck and waist so they can be easily adjusted and two lined pockets at the waist.

Currently, I have nautical, art, and floral themed aprons, as well as a few odds and ends (turtles, boy scout/camping, retro cassette tapes). I've had an overwhelming positive response to these aprons, boy or girl, your child will love wearing one. I've even had a few requests for adult aprons to match these darling small ones. I always take custom orders when I can in my etsy shop, so don't be shy about asking questions or requesting something special.

That's it for this Monday update and now it's time to for me to get back to work in my studio.

Enjoy and Happy Monday! These aprons are available to purchase in Savannah, GA at Scribble Art Studio and in my Etsy Shop. They will be available shortly in other local stores & more fun prints are coming soon!! 

Exciting News!

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For the Love of Pattern is featured in the latest issue of Savannah Magazine Homes Edition, Fall/Winter 2014. The article is included in the Front Porch Local Artisans section. It introduces my design studio, talks about what inspires my work, as well as the vision for the studio and future projects. For those of you in Savannah please check out the article as well as the other local artisans featured in this issue. One thing I love about Savannah is the overwhelming support from locals and being able to easily connect with other professionals. I'm grateful for the southern hospitality that I've seen in this city and excited to share my first magazine feature! Happy Monday!


First Collection

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Savannah is such an inspirational city! I'm lucky to be able to call this place home. One of my favorite things to do is to walk around and enjoy the city for what it is. It is a special treat when I have the time to wander around the squares and soak up inspiration. The city is full of history, beautiful architecture, plenty of places to see nature in it's wonder and people who care about this unique place. 

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

I've always admired the historic ironwork in Savannah and see so many possibilities of how these designs can translate to pattern on fabric. My very first collection that I'm working on is a tribute to Savannah and it's rich history and beauty. I've been photographing ironwork that I walk by every day and drawing motifs inspired by the ironwork to put into repeat pattern designs. 

Drawing on tracing paper is a quick way to easily see a repeat

Drawing on tracing paper is a quick way to easily see a repeat

Using watercolor to repeat motifs keeps the element of hand drawing alive

Using watercolor to repeat motifs keeps the element of hand drawing alive

This collection is making me really excited about seeing my designs on fabric and I can't wait to share them with you. Lately I've been really into photographing using Instagram and printing photos at PostalPix. It's a great way to observe and document on a daily basis when you do not have your camera with you. Please check out my latest Instagram photos to see what I have been up to. 

I welcome your comments and feedback!