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July Product of the Month

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This month we are featuring For the Love of Pattern handmade and hand screen-printed pillows. The designs on these pillows are inspired by the charming ironwork in Savannah, GA.

For the Love of Pattern Handmade Screen-Printed Pillows

These handmade pillows have our own original textile designs screen-printed on cotton or cotton/linen blends. They have a coordinating solid cotton/linen backing and an invisible zipper at the bottom so they can easily be unzipped for cleaning. The pillows are 16" by 16" and the pillow forms are included with purchase. These are great gifts and because the designs are inspired by Savannah ironwork they would also be perfect to bring a little southern charm into your home. 

For the Love of Pattern pillows sell regularly for $42.00 and are on sale this month for $36.00

The product of the month is only available in our etsy store in the Featured this Month Section and only applies when you purchase through etsy. This deal is not available where other For the Love of Pattern items are sold or at local art markets. 

Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!

Introducing Product of the Month

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For the Love of Pattern is excited to announce that we will start offering a product of the month. What this means is that each month we will feature a new item and list it in our etsy shop on sale with the discount already taken out of the price. If you've had your eye on something this is the perfect opportunity to be able to get that special something at a lower price. 

Our adult aprons are being featured for the month of June. This includes garden, kitchen, and For the Love of Pattern exclusive aprons.

The simple style of these aprons make them great for any task. They have three large lined pockets and tie straps so they are adjustable for any size. They are the ideal everyday apron because there is nothing fancy about them, no ruffles, fragile trim, or delicate stitching, which makes them easy to wash. I've had lots of questions in the past about why I sell aprons and questions about what their purpose would be. Some customers have told me that people don't wear aprons anymore and others love the idea of wearing a decorative apron. I think there are apron people and there are non-apron people and just like with anything else in the world, this is ok. Aprons definitely have a utilitarian purpose and it's fun to be able to wear something a little more decorative than a plain standard apron. These aprons are really special to me because they remind me of when my sister and I would help my grandmother wash dishes at my grandparent's farm house. Grandma would wash the dishes and we would dry and put them away. We always wore an apron to keep clean and because we wanted to be like her. She eventually made us our own aprons which we always thought was pretty special. This is probably what started my love for aprons and it reminds me of all the fun family time we were able to have as kids, even when washing dishes. I hope that these aprons continue to create memories with other families too. To me they are a reminder that in this fast paced world, it's still important to have time together with family! It's also one of the reasons that I started to make children's aprons too! 

Garden & Kitchen Aprons sell for $42.00 regularly and are on sale this month for $37.00. 

For the Love of Pattern Aprons are made out of our own original textile designs and printed digitally on kona cotton. They have a simple apron design with three large pockets and adjustable tie straps. These are great for the kitchen or any household project where you not only want to stay clean, but also want to have pocket space for useful items.

These sell regularly at $58.00 and are on sale this month for $52.00. 

The product of the month is only available in our etsy store in the Featured this Month Section and only applies when you purchase through etsy. This deal is not available where other For the Love of Pattern items are sold or at local art markets. 

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

What's New? Art Prints!

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I've been getting a lot of inquiries lately about offering prints of some of my original artwork. I'm starting small with the idea of art prints and I've started an open edition of giclee prints for two of my watercolors, Delight in the Little Things and St. Simons Light. I am extremely impressed with the quality of these prints. The inks are high quality and archival so these prints are made to last. They look just like the originals and are even on textured cotton paper to enhance the watercolor painting. For now, I just have these two watercolors available but I'm also working on a new series that will eventually become fabric yardage. I'm excited because it's something very different than what I've done before, a whimsical watercolor series that I plan on offering as open edition giclee prints. I'm being very vague about the subject matter on purpose because I want it to be a surprise! 

Archival Giclee Art Prints are available in my Etsy Store, enjoy and Happy Monday!

Interview with MADLAWMEDIA

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I've had the pleasure this past week of being able to work with Kyle and Elizabeth of MADLAWMEDIA, a local digital media company that specializes in videography, photography, and motion graphic animation. Well, I should say, they did most of the work, I just talked about my business and demonstrated some of my daily studio activities. I am not a natural when it comes to being in front of a video camera since I have very little experience on the big screen but both Kyle and Liz are great at making you feel at ease, comfortable, and relaxed. They made sure to keep me on topic and directed the interview in a way that aided describing my business and what I love about it. I find that the Mad Law Duo, are passionate about story telling in any shape or form and they are able to cater their skills to a variety of types of businesses. I was impressed with their quick turnaround with the finished video and think they did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of For the Love of Pattern as well as why I decided to start my own business. I'm very happy with their work and love how the finished video turned out. I may even start to be in front of the camera more often, after all practices makes perfect!


Meet Kyle & Liz of MADLAWMEDIA

Do you mind sharing a little bit of your insight about making this video?

Liz: We like to begin a project by sitting down with a client and getting to know them---not just their business, but also who they are as a person. It's so much easier to capture what matters most to them, once you actually get to know them, at least a little bit.

What do you love about working on projects with local businesses?

KyleOur philosophy is that ordinary people have extraordinary stories. We really love working with small, local businesses because we prefer the relationship that we build with our clients on a first name, face to face basis. We want to help build a tight community of strong local businesses so we can all grow together.  

Liz: I personally love learning new things. We've gotten the opportunity to film watercolorists, restauranteurs, designers, club owners, collage artists and we even created an online video for a company that creates crowns for your teeth. Every shoot, I get to learn more about someone else's skills and meet new people along the way.

Each video you work on is a little bit different depending on whom your client is, how do you keep your vision as well as bring in the feel of your client's work or business?

Kyle: Different clients present different challenges and those challenges keep everything fresh.  We are always doing new things we would never be able to do otherwise so that really keeps us going. We always take our inspiration from the client's passion for what they do. Without passion the projects don't really work so that is what we look for. We are incredibly passionate about what we do and try to find business that feel the same about their process/product/service. That passion is the main thing we communicate to the audience.  We want them to know how much love and feeling goes into their purchase and that it was made by somebody right down the road you can go have a conversation with. There are real people with incredible stories behind it all.   

What do you enjoy more, the filming or editing and putting the project together?

Liz: Editing has been my passion for years. The way you can shape a story after it's captured is such an intimate and intense job, and the pay off, once the story is complete, is so rewarding. 

Kyle: For me, there is not a favorite part of the process, I love the problem solving at every stage. The client satisfaction is definitely the most rewarding thing. There are far better ways to pay the bills than to be a filmmaker so you have to be compensated in other ways and be really passionate about making films.  The most rewarding experience for me is to know that MADLAWMEDIA helped the client grow their business and a community.

What projects are you most passionate about?

Liz: I am most passionate about projects that show off another person's passion. I am easily influenced by others emotions, so if they are excited about an idea or a design or product, I get really passionate about it too.

What inspired you to go down this creative career path? Do you have anyone you look up to or are influenced by?

Liz: I knew pretty early on that I wanted to tell stories as a career. At the end of my teen years I decided filmmaking was the proper outlet for that. I began my film production studies at Lansing Community College in Michigan and it was really there that my passion grew stronger and I learned the necessary skills to follow through with my career plans. I later finished a B.F.A. at SCAD but at that point I was really just refining what I had been doing for years. I don't really have anyone that I am influenced by, but I am continuously inspired by the other filmmakers that I came up with, in Lansing and at SCAD, as well as my talented husband who is constantly amazing me with his encyclopedic amount of filmmaking knowledge and his eye for beauty.

What's coming up next for MADLAWMEDIA and what should we watch for?

Kyle: MADLAWMEDIA just released a short film on the MATE International R.O.V Competition held in June 2014 in Alpena, MI.  It was a lot of fun to work with people from all over the world and see how advanced kids are these days.  Teams with no budgets coming halfway across the world to compete was really inspiring.  We are currently working on two other documentaries, A Few Things About Cancer, due to be released hopefully in the next month or so. AFAC is about Caleb Mock, a 25 year old newly wed who was diagnosed with Stage Four Burkitt's Lymphoma and his day to day experience and lessons learned through his journey of cancer treatment.  We are also working on Big Brownie: A Documentary about the history of the Michigan Brown Trout festival.

Liz: We shot Big Brownie: A Documentary, in Northern Michigan this past summer and it's entirely a MADLAWMEDIA production. This is the first time that we have really gone out on our own, with our own ideas, no clients, and funded it entirely ourselves. We are in post right now, and plan to have a finished product by next spring. It was a very difficult yet rewarding experience and I can't wait to see where the film goes. It's about a fishing festival that celebrated it's 40th anniversary this past summer, when in reality, it never should have succeeded from the very beginning. It's a story of perseverance and community and I think it's going to be wonderful.  

Anything else you want to share with us?

Kyle: MADLAWMEDIA wants to continue growing by helping other business grow as well as continue work in the documentary and narrative film world. Our dream clients are the ones that are more collaborators that clients. My main joy in filmmaking is the collaborative process and it is the best feeling when everyone can contribute to make a better product.  

Abby Leigh Johnson | For the Love of Pattern

A video about the business produced by MADLAWMEDIA

Enjoy and Happy Monday! Please check out MADLAWMEDIA and contact them if you would like them to capture your story!

Inspiration: Cape Cod

InspirationAbby Leigh EckerComment
"Three Sisters", "Stage Harbor Light from the Beach", "Stage Harbor Light from the Road" & "Highland Light" all photos by Abby Leigh Johnson

"Three Sisters", "Stage Harbor Light from the Beach", "Stage Harbor Light from the Road" & "Highland Light" all photos by Abby Leigh Johnson

Today I just wanted to share a little inspiration from my trip to Cape Cod. Every year that I go, I always come back so inspired by the beauty and peacefulness of this amazing place. I have a feeling these images will resurface in the future. Enjoy and Happy Monday! 

Introducing For the Love of Pattern

Studio UpdatesAbby Leigh EckerComment

Welcome to For the Love of Pattern! I'm excited to announce I'm starting a design studio in Savannah, GA. I'm focusing on creating my own textile designs and will also be designing handmade fashion accessories as well as home goods. I'll be introducing a lot of new things soon so stay tuned for more exciting updates and events. 

In my new studio, I've been working on a collection of garden aprons. I've chosen garden themed fabrics from some of my favorite textile designers (Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner & Martha Negley) to launch this apron design. 

Garden Apron made out of Anna Maria Horner Bold Sunflower Fabric - Made by For the Love of Pattern #loveofpattern

The garden apron features a simple design with three large pockets. It is something easy and very comfortable to wear while working in your garden. Not only will it protect you from the elements but you will be able to keep your gardening tools handy for all kinds of projects. If gardening isn't your thing, don't worry it could also be a work apron or useful in the kitchen. They are for sale here.

Thank you to Mad Law Media for the lovely photos!