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Color is my favorite part when it comes to design. Color is just as important as the design. It brings the design to life and controls the mood. Throughout the design process, I make sure to allow time to work on color studies along the way. Then when the designs are set in black and white it's easy to start adding in color and figuring out which color palettes work best for each design. I keep a color file in my studio where I collect images from magazines, paint chips, my own photographs, drawings and personal color studies. I also keep a color palette board on my Pinterest page as an easy way to collect images that inspire me. Both of these types of files I can go back to frequently to aid in creating color schemes. I use Pinterest as a quick guide and rely more on my personal colors studies and explorations for more in depth color choices. 

Below are some of my personal color studies with watercolor & gouache paint. These are fun quick studies, collections and color recipes. I always make sure I write down the color recipe, which makes it easy to recreate if necessary. This comes in handy when mixing your own pigments for screen printing and I find the more I explore and experiment with color the better I am at mixing colors. 

More online resources for color: Blogs & helpful palette builders.

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How do you create your own color palettes?