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Everyday Pattern: Pop of Color

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"Pop of Color"  Images (left to right, starting at top left): "Live in Color" by  Claire Teschel Konishi , "San Miguel de Allende" by Teresa Branda, "Skimmer Birds" by  Abby Zweifel , "Triple Tree" by  Elizabeth Kaiser , and "Boardwalk" by  Sarah Watson .

"Pop of Color"

Images (left to right, starting at top left): "Live in Color" by Claire Teschel Konishi, "San Miguel de Allende" by Teresa Branda, "Skimmer Birds" by Abby Zweifel, "Triple Tree" by Elizabeth Kaiser, and "Boardwalk" by Sarah Watson.

I'm happy to announce, I've had an overwhelming response for the first official Everyday Pattern post! I want to thank everyone that has submitted photographs and let you know if your photo isn't posted here it will be in a future post. Since I've had such a great response I was able to make more selective compositions with common themes and have fun with it. It's been great seeing the diversity of photographs that I've received about everyday pattern from different people. I think this will end of being a subject that I will be able to blog about more frequently than once a month which is really exciting. I hope the response to this grows and that I continue to get submissions. Please share this with anyone that you think would be interested in this topic and submitting a photograph. Refer back to the introduction post about this topic for the guidelines. Thanks again and enjoy!

Happy Monday! I welcome your comments and feedback.

Everyday Pattern: Introduction

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Everyday Pattern - Beach at Cape Cod

Everyday Pattern - Beach at Cape Cod

This is a blog post I've been thinking about since the very beginning stages of For the Love of Pattern. Once a month, I'd like to feature photographs of pattern that can be found in everyday life. I will feature some of my own photographs but ideally I would like this to be a collaboration. Email me photographs that inspire you, photographs that show me what you think pattern is all about. There are no rules except you must submit quality images and only 1 - 2 images by the first Friday of each month.

Please email images to with the subject line: Everyday Pattern Blog. Give your image a title and don't forget to include your name. If you send me your website, blog or social media account I'll link it to your name in the post.

Looking forward to seeing your everyday patterns!

First Collection

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Savannah is such an inspirational city! I'm lucky to be able to call this place home. One of my favorite things to do is to walk around and enjoy the city for what it is. It is a special treat when I have the time to wander around the squares and soak up inspiration. The city is full of history, beautiful architecture, plenty of places to see nature in it's wonder and people who care about this unique place. 

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

I've always admired the historic ironwork in Savannah and see so many possibilities of how these designs can translate to pattern on fabric. My very first collection that I'm working on is a tribute to Savannah and it's rich history and beauty. I've been photographing ironwork that I walk by every day and drawing motifs inspired by the ironwork to put into repeat pattern designs. 

Drawing on tracing paper is a quick way to easily see a repeat

Drawing on tracing paper is a quick way to easily see a repeat

Using watercolor to repeat motifs keeps the element of hand drawing alive

Using watercolor to repeat motifs keeps the element of hand drawing alive

This collection is making me really excited about seeing my designs on fabric and I can't wait to share them with you. Lately I've been really into photographing using Instagram and printing photos at PostalPix. It's a great way to observe and document on a daily basis when you do not have your camera with you. Please check out my latest Instagram photos to see what I have been up to. 

I welcome your comments and feedback!

Introducing For the Love of Pattern

Studio UpdatesAbby Leigh EckerComment

Welcome to For the Love of Pattern! I'm excited to announce I'm starting a design studio in Savannah, GA. I'm focusing on creating my own textile designs and will also be designing handmade fashion accessories as well as home goods. I'll be introducing a lot of new things soon so stay tuned for more exciting updates and events. 

In my new studio, I've been working on a collection of garden aprons. I've chosen garden themed fabrics from some of my favorite textile designers (Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner & Martha Negley) to launch this apron design. 

Garden Apron made out of Anna Maria Horner Bold Sunflower Fabric - Made by For the Love of Pattern #loveofpattern

The garden apron features a simple design with three large pockets. It is something easy and very comfortable to wear while working in your garden. Not only will it protect you from the elements but you will be able to keep your gardening tools handy for all kinds of projects. If gardening isn't your thing, don't worry it could also be a work apron or useful in the kitchen. They are for sale here.

Thank you to Mad Law Media for the lovely photos!